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The exhibition at the Diocesan Museum of Milan

The exhibition "Don Marco Melzi. The man, the artist, the worker of the Lord." Carlo Maria Martini Diocesan Museum, Milan, February 2017. Curated by Alba.

With a humble and reserved character, Don Marco Melzi is an exceptional artist who has always put his talent first and foremost at the service of the Church. In February 2017, the exhibition dedicated to him retraced, with over 90 works, his intense artistic activity, which lasted 60 years, with sketches, sketches and sculptures, between humanistic vocation and spiritual dimension.


Don Marco links the School to many artistic personalities of the Milanese scene and beyond. An example above all is his collaboration with his friend Gio’ Ponti, on the occasion of the construction of the church of San Francesco d'Assisi at Fopponino and the chapel of the San Carlo hospital in Milan. The architect sees his thoughts regarding the architecture of sacred environments materialized in an institution and in the work of the family and the school, from the creation of the container to the details of the content.

The esteem and friendship that binds the two leads Gio' Ponti to create for Don Marco a series of greeting cards drawn and colored with felt-tip pens, which the priest kept in his studio.

Museo Diocesano Carlo Maria Martini, Milano, Febbraio 2017

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