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The Beato Angelico School was born with the commitment to radiate the Christian faith through artistic expression, in all its fields of application, from painting to sculpture, from architecture to ornaments.

Even today, the spirit of the founder, Mons. Polvara, guides the vision of the Foundation by creating a community of artists trained both from the point of view of technical and spiritual excellence, capable of overcoming the limits of canvas and marble. The artists give life to works with a soul and a message: thus a sacred art with solid cultural roots is born, which combines workshop work and liturgical prayer, following the Benedictine adage of Ora et Labora. A double vocation, merged into a single love, in the words of Paul VI.

Over the years, the School has been able to integrate its important historical roots with a strong openness towards modernity and communication, becoming an influential and authoritative center for cultural dissemination. A network of professionals who are spokesmen for an art with a profound message, an instrument of inspiration and salvation.

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